27 May 2009

New Site, New News.

Here is a site that will have up to date and real live info on Vera Maleta goings on!

I am about to go see my friend and crystal master Mike Pack (of Future Virgins) at Revolution Sound in Chattanooga, TN to record a BRAND NEW Vera Maleta album. The band will consists of myself, Greg O'Neill on drums, and Chris Mott on wicked bass. I am planning to throw myself back to the Narcisissy days, when I did the album "Werewolf" with just a busted 4-track and layers of vocals. This time, though, with some more modern sounds added. Like a medieval peasant boy smokin' some dank dungeon in the girls room. With Mr. Pack as Producer and a pentagram hook rug, it is sure to be exciting at the very least.

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